Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Did you know that your water source is contaminated? Furthermore, did you know that there have been over two thousand toxins found in our drinking supply? This poses quite an alarming situation, especially for those who are serious about taking care of their bodies and being careful what they put into it. Entire house reverse osmosis systems are an ideal solution to purify your water and make it safe for human consumption.

This is a solution that is being used quite frequently for homes and businesses alike. It is practical and functional. It works to remove around ninety nine percent of all harmful substances. And that is a pretty desirable figure.

Whole House Reverse OsmosisThis is in fact known as one of the finest filtration systems on the market. It was developed in the 1950s and has only grown in popularity since then. This system works to soften water and eliminate unwanted chemicals, bacteria, and heavy metals. Some water treatment facilities have begun to use these as they recognize the need and increase their budgets to update their equipment. The chemicals which contaminate the water are very minute and sometimes they remain unaffected with the process of filtration.

Why do we need distilled water when we have boiled drinking water?

It is known fact that our drinking water is processed by the water treatment plant and cleansing agents and before reaching our home. Some chemicals such as chlorine are added during this process to stop algae from developing in the water. Other than introducing chlorine, some essential minerals which are valuable to our body are added in at this point. But as the water comes to our home through the pipes, it gets contaminated again. The contamination work is done by the chemicals present within the pipes. The harmful particles develop within the pipe due to weathered usage and sometimes also due to rusting.

How does the process work?

A water filtration system, using reverse osmosis process, is installed in our house to weed out the harmful bacteria that exist in our house water and to obtain clean drinking water. Water filtration uses older technologies, other health beneficial trace minerals, which are in the water, are also eliminated. With the innovative technology, helpful trace minerals are permitted to pass through the membrane, separating other injurious chemicals and particles behind and obtain you a healthy drinking water. If you are in search for water treatment system, some of the well-known brands are Crystal Quest water filtration system and Merlin Whole House Reverse Osmosis system.

In the process of osmosis, water is forced through a semi permeable membrane with high pressure. This force allows the water to be separated from the toxins as it goes through the membrane, achieving an end result that is pure and refreshingly clean, while the impurities are filtered through another waste drain.

A Whole House Reverse Osmosis system is installed to purify the water supply of an entire home. This is really the best plan, as you will not have to worry about using toxic water for cleaning or bathing. What is the use in drinking from a clean supply if you are going to bathe in all those harmful chemicals?

Whole house system is the best choice

If you do wish to do the best for those in your household, a whole house system is the best choice. While this will be a slightly larger investment than a countertop model or faucet attachment, you will know that you have a clean supply for all your needs including: drinking, cooking, laundry, showers, and other things.

The cost of this system will differ depending upon certain aspects, such as the amount of water you use, the size of the tank you wish to purchase, and the water pressure. There are a number of suppliers which will also offer different price points. But you will be happy that you have a low maintenance system that requires a onetime investment to give you the pure fresh water that you need for life.